Saturday, 29 September 2012

All of time & space, where do you want to start?

I've always wanted to try the Galaxy themed nails but was daunted by how complicated they looked. After reading a few tutorials I decided what better time to try these then at the finale of Doctor Who and the exit of my favourite companions!

Basically you use a base coat, I used black from Barry M and sponge on other colours to make a space like effect then use a layer of glitter polish as stars. I also used a tooth pick to make little stars. 

I will list below all the polish I used in order but now on to the pictures. I am really impressed at my attempt :3

1. Barry M Black (base)
2. Barry M Amethyst Glitter (over black)
3. Barry M White (create a Nebula like pattern & white stars using tooth pick)
4. Barry M Lemon Ice Cream (sponge around white)
5. Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream (tops and bottom of Nebula)
6. Barry M Retro Pink (around the middle)
6. Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream (tips of retro pink)
7. Barry M Navy (edges of Nebula to make a faded effect)
8. Barry M Pink Iredescent (over layer)


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  1. Blooming heck it's a Barry M world! I've never tried galaxy nails, there seems to be sooooooo many layers there I don't think I'd have the patience. And my nails are too stumpy to get it all on them! Great post.