Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Nails Inc - Fine Sprinkles

Finally these are mine, I missed them on QVC the first time but recently checked and found them back in store :D So I quickly ordered them.

They are so beautiful. Here are some bottle pics. 

Langham Street - Vanilla sprinkles, lots of fine gold glitter. 

Market Place - Lilac sprinkles with purple glitter. 

Little Portland Street - Pink sprinkles with darker purple and gold glitter.

Devonshire Place - Mocha sprinkles with black glitter. 

Here I have done some quick swatches on a nail wheel to let you see how they look. They are matte like the originals and quite like sand to me. They are very pretty so watch out for more pics to come!

Enjoy! x


  1. These were on yesterday actually, so maybe they have enough stock for now. I like the look of the pink one, quite delicate :)

  2. I love glitters never heard of these ones before!

    Jazz x

    1. I hadn't either till I looked on Nail Inc FB page but they were all sold out by then :P