Thursday, 18 April 2013

How do you store your polish? New British Blogger Question

I've been meaning to get pics of my stash for some days and have finally got around to it, I recently reorganized my messy drawer to a tidier bunch. I only have one drawer for my polish but my nail art stuff take up much more space. Although it's pretty full now I'll need to find new ways of staring them :/

On to the show yes?

Firstly I store all my polish in my one bedside drawer, all my opi minis and one nails inc one I've had a while at the back so they can be stood up, I hate to have them all lying down around the place. 

I like collecting these mini sets lol I have grabbed Alice in Wonderland and gotten Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean and OPI Spookettes as gifts plus a cute Nails Inc Paint a Rainbow set, very summery that one :3

and here is my quaint little stash all line up by brand, you'll notice 5 bottles missing from the Barry M line, they are in my unused area. I've lined them up by type and bottle lid, next is my Nails Inc, China Glaze, A England, above China Glaze are my few NFU. OH, and then all the brands that have a few to them, Accessorize, Butter London, NO 7, Avon and some others, my only indies are at the back which are called Daring Digits I got from a swap, one being HufflePuff oh yeah!

I have a few plastic tubs large and small for my nail art stuff, I got these packs from the pound store, one large and 2 small packed inside, perfect for nail art bits. 

My first big tub has all my 2 way nail art pens from eBay.  I got a pack of 24 and they all fit perfectly although I've rarely used many of them but black and white. 

Large tub 2 holds my array of rhinestones, 3 tubs (I find them really hard to open lol) and 5 wheels of various like pearls, hearts, stars etc. 

I have 3 smaller tubs that hold a lot of fimo canes, possibly close to 200 :O

Stamping plates (that I haven't managed yet, need to practice these again)

Glitters and striping tape. 

The rest of my stuff are held in these PJ Tips tins I kept (perfect for holding all my nail stickers, flocking powder, and what dotting tools I haven't lost yet, nail wheels) and I shall be keeping the second for my not yet arrived Acrylic paints and brushes for art :)

All my nail art stuff is kept at the back of my wardrobe as I don't have a lot of storage space. 

Now I keep my untrieds in this random sweet tin from Christmas, it's the perfect height to store any nail polishes I haven't used yet and want to keep aside so there not forgotten about along with my nail envy and rapidrops. 

And of course a big stash of hand creams to keep those hands taken well care off! These were accumilated just from Christmas lol 5 mini ones for hand bag, 2 sets of L'Occitane (these are my favourite) I always get the Limited Edition sets they bring around Christmas and my tub saved from a Christmas present to hold my larger bottles, 4 100ml Avons, a Rasberry one and 2 huge 250ml bottles in Gingerbread and Cinnamon yum! I love my hand creams :P

And underneath the polish drawer a small selection of polishes I don't care for once tried and don't want taking up space but can't bear to just throw out lol

I know this was a long post so I hope you didn't get bored to much heh

Enjoy! x

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