Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Froggy Franken Green

Today I have another little franken I mixed, a mix of Barry M Spring Green, Blue Moon and Morgan Le Fay from A England to lighten and shimmer it into a Froggy shade of green and I love it!! This is my favourite of my 6 frankens all coming up. It required 3 coats and as you can see still some VNL in direct sunlight but I actually like it that way, it's not overly noticeable. 

Please ignore the matress marks on my little finger, I took these this morning because we had a lovely hot sunny day in little rainy Britain!! 

Last nights pictures before stupid sleep marks indoors in artificial lighting :)

Pretty no?? I have been bit by the franken bug and am hoping in the next few months to have a go at some franken from scratch, keep a look out for those. I have already decided and thought up exactly what I want to mix together and the theme is Carnivals lol :D
Enjoy! x

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