Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rhinestone Haul

Seems like it was ages ago since I ordered my haul of rhinestones, it has been over a month but everything finally crawled in. Olympic delays maybe? Ordering from Hong Kong has it's props, it's cheap and normally free postage but it does take a while which isn't anyones fault, it's expected. I was a little more impatient since I had no rhinestones to play with. So lets see what I got :3

First up from eBay, 3000 1.5mm rhinestones in this nifty little case which sadly some are very hard to open but i'd already heard that, I worry I'll break one of my weak nails so i'll get someone who doesn't mind to open them ;3

I bought mine from here for £1.28, a steal of a price!

12 different colours, they did take a while to get here, 4 weeks but they did come between the estimated date you get from eBay which is still fine by me.

Same seller I got a wheel of 2mm half pearls. I haven't used any pearls yet, so i'm looking forward to trying these out. These cost 99p, free postage.

I bought a mixed pearl wheel for 99p from this place.

I really like this wheel, it contains pearls mixed, flowers, some fimo and a few bows ;3 I'll definately grab a couple more of these mixed ones. This came the day before the other rhinestones so about 4 weeks as well.

The last rhinestones I bought are all from a different website here,
They have alot of good stuff for cheap prices, postage is really cheap as well :3
It took about 20-21 days to arrive, so not bad.

First up 3000 2mm rhinestones for 95p, yep 95p!

2mm heart rhinestones, it doesn't say how many are included but i'd say it's a 3000 set as well. £1.09.

Last I ordered a wheel of 2mm flowers, these are really cute :3

I also grabbed myself a mixed set of 100 canes for £3.99 including a fimo cutting blade which is definately a lot easier to use than other blades i've tried.
There was a good selection of fruit, flowers, animalsn, some hearts, bows even a few christmas and they only took 10 days to arrive so really good shipping.

These I grabbed in the UK for £2.80 but they don't have them up for sale anymore. They are gold and silver studs 1.5mm, searching them on eBay should bring them up :3
I'm looking forward to using these as well.

Enjoy! x


  1. Ooo what are you planning to do with the fimo clay? :0)

    1. I haven't used them yet, i've done a couple cute mani's with the canes before. There awesome to play around with hopefully some inspiration hits me :p