Monday, 22 July 2013

A Barry M and Glitter Sandwich

Hey guys!

First off yeah my blog has been quite for a few weeks, very good reason. I've basically just been going nude on my nails, no polish to give them a breather after this sandwich I'm going to show you. I wore this a few weeks ago and haven't actually posted it yet. 
It lasted a whole week and was a pain to get off my nails of course, there's a whole bunch of layers starting with the LE Barry M Green Jelly a favourite of mine, I've used 1/4 of my bottle in the month I bought it eek! There's some of L'oreal Confetti top coat, I bought this one because no matter where I looked I could not find Maybelline Polka Dot polishes in Chalk Dust *sigh* I love how easy the glitter spreads on the nail in this. I think there was 3 layers of Confetti and then 2 layers in between of Barry M Diamond glitter finished off with a last coat of the green. 

So yeah when I removed it very yellow/greeny stained nails yuck! I tried the lemon thing and I swear my nails were much worse after!! So I have been going without any polish for the last couple of weeks and neglecting my blog as well sorry x 

My nail beds are now getting back to there former pinkness from the top to just above the nail tip which is still a bit yellow but no where near as bad as before, they looked like a sickly green >.<

I really do love this green so much :3

Enjoy! x


  1. I don't normally like green polish, but this looks awesome :) new follower too x

    1. Thank you :) I have to admit I love green polish, I think it makes up the majority of my collection lol thanks for following! x