Friday, 29 March 2013

Ask a British Blogger: What are your most wanted polishes?

For the second question for the Ask a British Blogger it is about what are our most wanted nail polishes? We all have them!

Disclaimer: All pictures do not belong to me, they were acquired through google to show the colours. 

So to begin with my MOST wanted nail polish would have to be: Nerd Lacquer 'All of Time and Space' I've wanted this for a very long time, one day I will be about during a restock lol

LA Splash: Golden Seahorse. I have loved this since I saw it swatched last year but unfortunately not one available in the UK and eBay never seems to come up either. 

Lastly OPI La Boheme: a polish that just makes me drool from swatches lol I adore this, it's beautiful, vampy and I need it :P

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