Friday, 2 August 2013

Franken Pink

Here I am back finally!

Today I have a very pretty pink (to me) that I mixed up a while ago and never swatched, so I kind of don't even remember what it is apart from that I made it with Barry M Retro Pink (maybe a 1/4) and China Glaze Good Witch? the rest and I think I put some Barry M Iridescent Pink. Sorry I can't remember (o^.^o).

Here it is, this is 2 even coats for opaqueness with an added rose on my thumb, it's to big for any other finger hehe

Natural light:

Enjoy! x


  1. Omg I love the rose! Very kawaii! ( ^‿‿^)/

    1. Thank you, they really are (^.^) I wish there were more in the nail wheel I got but there was only 2 (U_U) oh well I'll just have buy more lol x