Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Exciting Nail Mail - Ciate Mini Mani Month

Today I just have a bit of exciting nail mail!

The Ciate Mini Mani Month eep. I was so exited to get this in the mail. Ciate have two calendar's released in the UK one on their website and this one which I believe is only available on QVC and it is currently on 4 easy payments. How is that not an incentive to buy it eh? ;)

I am being good as much as I am tempted but I am keeping this as a proper calender so watch out for the 1st December when I will be opening and swatching what is behind each door everyday :D

Enjoy! x


  1. Ah - I just looked on QVC and the contents are different to the one that you can get from Ciaté. That's mean. Now I want this one too!

    1. Yep I liked the look of this one a bit more than the other one, mainly because of a nice green it has lol love greens!