Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Barry M Ridley Road

Here I have a polish I have been super excited to try, and lucky me I got 3 of the 4 textures Barry M's for my birthday and had to use one right away. Of course ;)

I used Ridley Road because I love greens. Ridley is a very light mint green, it reminds me of foam for some reason lol despite it's light colour it does cover in 2 even coats which is good. 

The texture polishes create a bumpy concrete type effect which appears shortly after applying. It has a weird grainy effect when you apply but they are no harder to apply than any other polish.

I really love the effect and am glad I also have Atlantic Road and Kingsley Road to test as well. 

As for how easy removal is, I don't know yet as I'm still wearing this but I will update that in my next post :)

Enjoy! x


  1. ooooh very pretty colour! think i'm going to have to get this...