Monday, 8 April 2013

Barry M Foil Tape Art

I haven't really been doing much art these days and I really wanted to do something with what I have, I'm determined to get some Acrylic paints to do proper art as I hear there much better than using your polishes. 
I decided to do some tape art using my Barry M foils silver and gold. I've had this idea for a while and just never got around to it. 

So here it is, 1 good coat of gold foil on each nail and silver on my ring finger. I love using these foils, they are beautiful, they apply great and one coat is all you need. I used a roll of nail striping tape to make all the stripe patterns and painted over in the contrasting foil, peeled the tape away and voila!

Enjoy! z


  1. Beautiful! really perfect lines!
    Yes definitely get some acrylic paint! so much easier to work with than polish xx

    1. Thankyou :3 I have bought a pack of 12 from eBay, really looking forward to working with them, I hated trying to get nail polish opaque for art even black and white, and anything like pink or yellow was hard to do! x