Thursday, 11 April 2013

Braided Nail Art with Barry M Nail Art Pens

Today's post is a some nail art I spend a good time doing, I haven't done a lot of nail art but lines and dots and what better opportunity than with Barry M's new Nail pens? I went to Superdrugs and got the white, pink and black on 3 for 2, I love them so much I might get another black and white with the silver to make sure I always have plenty, no telling how long they'll last ;)

They are really easy to use basically like a sharpie pen, first of all you need to give them a good shake and pump down on the nib till the paint flows, you'll see it seeping through and it will look just like a coloured permanent marker. Much easier than the 2 way pens all over eBay I found for sure, a lot easier to grip and draw with just make sure the base is completely dry or the nib will drag through the polish!

Here is what I accomplished, I used Barry M Greenberry as my base colour then used the white to create the whole braid on my nails and filled the parts in alternatively with pink and the white leaving some green. I have to say I'm impressed, my right hand is no where near as good, not dreadful just not great, still need a lot of left hand practice :3

Enjoy! x


  1. oh my gosh! thats beautiful, I always seem to fail at this technique!!

  2. Really pretty! I love the fishtail design! I too snapped up those colours :D x