Saturday, 23 November 2013

British Bloggers Top 10 Favourite Nail Polishes

On Friday British Bloggers partook in your top 10 favourite nail polishes. I'm a little seeing as it's Saturday, I was going to do it on Friday after work but I was so tired I forgot *embarrassed* so here are my top 10 favourites:

My favourite so much that I used 1/4 of a bottle in the first month on 2 separate manicures:

Barry Ms Summer Limited Edition Green.

My second two come as sort of a pair. 

Galahad from A England, I love this beautiful teal like blue but doubly when paired with favourite no 2 ;)

A England Morgan Le Flay a beautiful shimmer polish fantastic for layering over an array of colours but my favourite is when it's teamed with Galahad like below. 

Max Factor Fantasy Fire, I adore this for layering over blacks, dark blues purples even tested over a lilac once. So many combinations but black has the best stand out factor. 

Another A England, there are just so many pretties but none like Dragon, a perfect smooth forest like green with scattered holo. 

One of my first indie brands given in a swap Daring Digits Hufflepuff. This was lovely but also my house is Hufflepuff so it gets special mentions ;)

China Glaze Stella one of my absolute favourites I was given in a swap which I'm really glad about because I'd never got this for myself and would have missed out. 

OPI German-icure. I just love dark vampy autumn colours.

Barry M Greenberry (covered in glitter) perfect summer green. My favourite colours for polish is green so I have a lot. 

Another Barry M Limited polish from Christmas 2012 in pink (covered in glitter), this was a nice foil, easy to apply and just a perfect fairy pink colour. 

I hope you enjoy my top 10, when you have so many to choose from it's a hard decision but these are 10 I apply again and again. Sorry for the old mani pics type was not of the essence. 

Enjoy! x


  1. I love your choices, especially A-England Dragon which I have and love, and OPI German-icure which is on my want list!!

    1. Thank you :) German-icure is a def must! :D

  2. I really, really like that Barry M pink foil polish. If there are limited edition foils any time soon then I will be all over it!

    1. That pink is lovely, there was also a blue one but I preferred the pink :)