Saturday, 4 August 2012

A England: Galahad & Morgan Le Fay

Second in the line up of A England and the reason for me wanting them firstly is Galahad, gorgeous teal Galahad. This has definately become a favourite in my stash. Application was perfect and a one coater :3

But the main reason for my wanting Galahad was not complete without this perfect layering polish, Morgan Le Fay. I originally saw a swatch of these 2 layered and just had to have them and wow this is just so much prettier in person.
This is one coat layered over Galahad. It completely changes the colour of Galahad into a magical fair blue, I just love it. It's like a calm sea lit by sunlight :3

Perfect! This is my new favourite layering combo <3

Enjoy! x


  1. Hiya,

    I have tagged you for The Liebster Award, you can find all the details here :0) I hope this is something that you haven't already done and that you would like to take part in :0)

    1. Thankyou, I have not done this :) Just noticed this sorry to be 2 days late, I will check it out properly in the morning. 12.30am now so my brains not working properly lol :D