Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nails Inc - Sugar House Lane

This is my second from my collection of the Nails Inc Sprinkles. Missing Pudding Lane but I am adoring these cute polishes, I will definitely add that to my list some day!

Sugar House Lane is a lovely creamy brown full of black and silver mattefied glitter, allows you to wear a full on glitter mani without sparkling like a Christmas tree not that I mind that I love my glitters ;3

As with all glitters this was not the most fun and easy to remove even with my little magic pot of Borjouis it took a good 40 minutes around to remove Sweets Way but it was a little easier than the foil or scrubbing method at least. Still it's not enough to put me off as these are such cute pretty polishes :3

Enjoy! x


  1. I like this one, shame W7 haven't duped it! I have salt and pepper but it has a white base. This one would suit a lot more skin tones :)

    1. I would like to get the Salt and Pepper it looks pretty, I love Sugar House Lane though the base is lovely :3

  2. The cupcake on that nail varnish is seriously looking yummy...
    I actually really like this nail varnish, must buy!
    Also, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) x