Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A England - Tristam

I've actually been wearing this for a few days but haven't had any time to make a post on it as i've been sewing from morning to night to finish a wedding post box design for Saturdays wedding for my sister!
On to the polish. This is A England Tristam a beautiful deep blue scattered holo and it's a dream, I love it, it was easy to apply, was evenly oppaque in 2 coats and I just love blues!
Sadly there was no sun but I tried it capture the holo part as best I could but you can just see how gorgeous this deep pure blue is.
I can't wait to add more of these polishes to my stash.
Do you own any A England, what's you favourite?
Enjoy! x


  1. That's lovely.

    Morgan Le Fay is awesome and I do like Perceval. Got loads more to try. Bought too many when they were £5!

    1. I wish I had gotten Perceval too but I didn't. Will definitely get it some other time, I really want Dragon and Saint George :) I love Morgan Le Fay especially with Galahad, it's my favourite combo :)