Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nails Inc - Sweets Way

Finally as you know the sprinkles are finally mine. I've wanted Sweets Way since they were first realeased and after seeing the 3 set on QVC for the great price of £23.61 inc p+p I had to have them!

Obviousley the first I'd try would be Sweets Way and I simply love it. It's so cute and it really does remind me of the topping of fairy cakes I love making :3

Sweets Way is a milky white base packed with light blue, pink and white glitter. The application of this was pretty simple, I applied it like any other polish and it's quite oppaque in 2 coats.

I can see this being worn a lot, it's so cute and there's more to do with it then just a full coverage. Accent nail or a nice french tip maybe? ;)

Have you got any of the sprinkles yet? Which one is your favourite? I'm missing Pudding Lane as it's my least favourite.
Enjoy! x


  1. I think Sweets Way is my favourite, just because of the milky base.

    1. Mine too, the milky base is a perfect compliment to it's glitter :3

    2. I think I need to invest in a milky base glitter, I'm always envious of these!