Tuesday, 24 July 2012

China Glaze Stella + W7 Cosmic Purple

These 2 beauties were both from my recent swap and I wanted to team them up. I've been trying to try China Glaze Stella the most as it was so pretty in the bottle. It was such a lovely polish to apply, no issues it did take 3 coats for perfect oppaqueness though I think you'd get away with 2.
It was also really hard to photograph due to the lack of light I had. The first picture is indoors under artificial light. It's a bit lighter in real life, i'd say it leans to a magenta purple colour to me, super shiny. Very regal and elegant, i'm so glad I got this as i'd probably never have picked this one up myself and i'd miss out because I loved from the first coat.
My accent nail is W7 Cosmic Purple, lots of glitter!

I took this picture with the flash on, it gives a better perceptive of it's true colour, all I can say is this is a beautiful colour that shouldn't be passed up!

Enjoy! x

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