Monday, 9 July 2012

Nail supplies everywhere!

I have had some questions of where did you buy these, what did you use there etc so for those people and anyone else interested i've wrote down the items and sellers i've bought from in the past. I've had no problems with deliveries some take a little longer but from Hong Kong etc that's to be expected. My nail art collection to date is pretty minimal, I will link back to the items I bought if you want to purchase them. Most items were from Hong Kong and I have plenty more on the way!

10 Striping tape 99p. I originally bought mine here but since the price went up to £1.95
Salon express stamping kit, I bought mine from this seller £3.50 since gone uptp £3.65
12 tubs of fine glitter £2.25 from this seller appears everything went out of stock! To bad I liked choosing my own colours.
I have 7 packets of random flower design stickers which I won for £1.04 from this seller they often have more packs plus plenty other supplies.
5 2 way dotting tools 99p from this seller since gone up to £1.67
15 nail art brushes I bought from this seller £1.99
24 2 way dotting pens from this seller £8.71
I managed to find the Red Angel stamping plates sold on ebay from this seller I paid £26.44 which is still pretty cheap for the amount of plates plus shipping inc in that price. I'll do more posts on the stamping plates soon.
I also got 100 animal and 25 fruit fimo cane sticks, these are amazing. I love using them, I got mine all from the same seller here various prices for size packs.

I have some other items coming now mainly rhinestones and such which I will do when they come as this post is long enough, I don't want to bore anyone to tears. I've also tried out a new website I found, they have a pretty good selection i'll post when they arrive with the items, quality and postage time frame.

Also for UK girls with local pound stores, they are stocking these neat packs of 3 tubs in one pack! The large tub is big enough to keep your sets of 24 2 way pens in, the mini ones are good for fimo canes, tubs and stickers etc plus you can choose your handle colour if your not a pink girl ;)

Enjoy! x

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