Thursday, 12 July 2012

Monarch Butterfly Wings

I loved the look of all the monarch buterfly mani's but they looked pretty difficult for my newbiness.. but I tried anyway and this was the end result. All in all I was pretty happy with my result.
For this mani I used Barry M retro pink from the limited edition line I got this free when spending £6 on Barry M last month. I plan on swatching the retro polishes alone soon, they are gorgeous colours worn alone.
I used an NYC black polish for the pattern although I found this difficult, the black is quite thin and takes some work to use, it's also not a very good black for stamping.  I've used NYC white for the dots as well.
I started with drawing the curved line in the corner and using that to guide around the edges of the nail using one of my nail art painting brushes. If I did this again I would use a different brush as that one created too thick lines.
I painted in a thick diagonal shape in the bottom corners and filled that in, then I was ready to paint in 3 lines and curve them around at the bottom.
When the black pattern was all dry I went back and used a dotting tool to create a mixture of large and smaller white dots at the bottom.
I would like to try this again in a different colour with a better idea to get the best out of my nails. I will also do a tutorial to go with it! :)

Enjoy! x

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