Monday, 9 July 2012

Orange fimo

I thought i'd start of my first picture post with one of my favourite and most fun mani's I did recently as soon as my fimo canes came. They took about a week and a half from Hong Kong and I was pretty happy to see I had an orange one as I had the perfect polish to pair with it that I hadn't tried yet. Barry M's Tangerine. Barry M is one of our UK brands, they have a tonne of super colours and they wear really well. You can buy them in Superdrugs, Boots and
I found the fimo's really easy to cut and I didn't expect that, I thought i'd find it a little difficult. I used Barry M tangerine which is abit sheer on the first coat, this is 3 coats and it has quite a pretty shimmer. I dotted some rhinestones around for something extra. Sadly I have these no longer, they ended up everywhere on the floor but not a great loss at 99p and I have plenty more and styles on the way.
I don't use any nail glue to stick down my pieces and if I have it'll be stated. For these I just wait for my polish to dry and add a clear coat where I want them to go, press down firmly, I used my dotting tool to press them into the clear coat then apply a top coat all over to seal them in. They last quite a few days until I decide to change my nails so no glue really necassery.

Enjoy! x


  1. This design is Fab Kerry, it's so pretty and really professional looking!

    I am getting more and more tempted to set up, but my worry is the smell, as you know, Simon won't let us use ANY smellies with the birds. When I did Bronnie's French Manicure, I had to sit in her room with the window wide open and the door shut lol I was freezing!

    1. Tell Simon he's being silly and you girls are doing your girly stuff ;) Just don't be in the same room, it's not necasssary to ban everything. Peaches is 5 this year, nothing has done him any harm.