Monday, 16 July 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

I've just recently bought a bottle of Bourjois Magic nail polish remover. I've had my bottle maybe 2 1/2 weeks and honastly i'll never go back to regular polish and cotten. It retails for £4.99 in Boots and Superdrugs. I heard this was a hard to find item, all sold out. So armed with cash and time I went hunting for my bottle. Luckily we have quite a few Boots around the local area, even better it was in the first Boots I went into. So it was an easier task than thought lol
Enough of the tale though, how does this beauty work? Well basically inside you'll find a sponge soaked in non acetone remover, with a hole in the middle. Basically you put your nail in the hole, wait, twist and it's gone. Does it take 1 second, no i've found it hasn't. Does this deter me from this product again? Again no, it still makes removal less of a chore and more easy. Better yet when making a mistake or smudging your fresh manicure, happens to me all the time you can easily remove and start that nail again without ruining your other nails and ending up with cotten stuck to the still tacky polish. Face it who hasn't been there? ;)
This is what the bottle looks like. I've used it with cremes over the last 2 weeks, easily removed in less than 5 minutes, no stains on my skin. Perfect!! But what about glitters? Read below to find out!

So this is the first major glitter mani i've done while owning this polish remover and wanted to see if it was easier and quicker using this. Normally it'd be the foil removal method, that never worked for me, the foil was fiddly and annoying or using an acetone remover to scrub my nails that would take well over 45 minutes! Not practical.

So here is my mani. Butter Londons The Black Knight, lots of pink and blue glitter.

Beautiful yes? There's also an extra layer of Barry M Pink Iredescent on my accent, more glitter!!

I started using it on one finger to show you guys how this worked with all this glitter. I just popped the nail right in and counted up to 30, I knew it wouldn't work anything less and I was right. Here's what happened after twisting and removing.

You can see the glitter hasn't been removed completely but it sure got through quite abit. So I redid my nail counting to 30 again, twist and out.

All gone! And in less than 10 minutes we had..

Nails ready for painting. Over all this took me 20 minutes altogether and I was taking photos in between. Took off over 30 minutes I would normally spend on glitter.
I LOVE glitter I just hate removing it but with this, I didn't mind it and I will definately get myself another bottle of this :)

Enjoy! x


  1. I've been using the Pretty Quik ones they sell in Superdrug for ages, same principal but a smaller tub, I tend to keep one for regular polish and one for glitter. And top them up with a mixture of remover and acetone when they start to dry up...

    1. I've seen those ones too, I prefer the non acetone as my nails are quite flimsy, i've always been told to use non acetone by my mum too it kinda sticks lol They do last quite a while, I still have this original tub which is still quite moist :3