Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Rainbow Sponge Art

My first attempt at a sponge mani using Nails Inc Westferry Circus a pretty peach on my tips, Ebury Bridge a beautiful powder lilac, Summer Place a summery lemon and Technic pastels mint green. A topcoat of La Femme glitter top coat blends in any sponge marks at the end. 
I used little pieces of sponge the size of my nail and painted each colour on in strips and sponged it on my nail, I did 3 thin coats. I used the glitter to blend the sponge marks in.
*This was not my idea, it's been circling the net so none of the credit is mine* :3

I really loved the effect of this although if I did it differently i'd choose more pastel shades and learn to blend it in more. The colours are beautiful, Westferry Circus and Ebury Bridge are 2 of the most beautiful polish colours I have. I have swatches of these I will post next time as there's not alot to see in the rainbow.
Technic Pastel Mint I have to say I didn't like, for this it was ok but as a complete colour it was sheer, streaky and even on the 4th coat was I still had streak marks, it was also very strong smelling. I ended up with quite the headache after trying to get it all even, that was one of the first and only polishes I tossed out, for 99p it was no big loss. I bought Barry M Mint to replace this and I like it much better.

Enjoy! x

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