Monday, 23 July 2012

Water Marbling

Today i'm going to show my own attempts at water marbling. The idea for this is to have a bowl of room temperature water (I've heard filtered is better) and allow the polish to drip into the water, just a drop. This will spread and you can keep adding until your happy. Use a tooth pick to create your pattern and dip. Sellotape around the skin helps to minimise the mess.

My first attemp was a Barry M Indigo, Barry M Rasberry and NYC Pinstrip White marble effect, it came out in different patterns for each nail. I quite liked it.

The second time I tried this I used only 2 colours, Barry M Vivid Purple and Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, I liked this pattern alot. Apologies this picture was taken using my phone.

I'll definately try out more colour combinations, a nice rainbow pattern would be nice =3

Enjoy! x

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