Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My first Cult Nails- Seduction!

My first Cult Nails I have gotten was their Limited polish- Seduction. A great layering flakie. It cost roughly £11 for the polish and shipping to the UK, so not bad to me it costs that for one O.P.I! It won't be my last Cult Nails, I loved using Seduction and it lasted many days until I changed my polish. I was already wearing Nails Inc Victoria- a deep burgundy colour. So I added a coat of Seduction right on top as soon as I got the package open and here are the results. Excuse my bad nails I had some terrible breaks here and they were so short. Look at all those pretty flakies! I look forward to my next order from Cult Nails soon.

Enjoy! x

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