Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Daisy manicure.


I wanted to try out a cute little flower manicure which took me quite a while to choose the colours to use in it. For the base I chose my NO 7 Milan that I got in my swap. Thanks buddy!! Isn't it beautiful? This was so easy to apply, went on like butter and was practically opaque in one coat but this is two as I always prefer two. It is quite a nice dusky rose shimmer and there's silver that runs through it, you can really see it in the bottle but it's not so noticable in this picture. It also has one of those new thicker brushes which covered alot of my nail in one sweep. Brilliant!!

A perfect base so onto the daisy design. Here is what my daisies look like and below i'll list everything used and the steps I did to create it. This is the first flower design I tried and I do love how it turned out.

To create this look I used the following:
Barry M Matte White- Petals
Barry M Lemon Ice Cream- Centre dots
Catrice King of Greens- Leaves
Barry M Mint- Leaf shading
Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream- Petal shading
Barry M Pink Iredescent- Centre dot

Step 1- Apply base coat and wait to dry.
Step 2- Apply coat of chosen base colour, reapply when dry if needed.
Step 3- When base is dry take medium dotter tool and make dots using a white nail polish in circles and half circles at the bottom of each nail for half flowers. Clean dotter reguarly inbetween to prevent the polish getting tacky on your tool.
Step 4- Clean white off your dotter and using the same size dotter, dot in the middle of each flower with a yellow nail polish. I had to do this twice on each dot as the yellow was sheer.
Step 5- Using the finest tip dotter tool, create leaves around the flowers using little flicking motions with the tool.
Step 6- Add in litter areas of shading with a lighter green colour with the same fine tip dotter. (Optional)
Step 7- Add little areas of shading with a pale blue colour on your daisy petals with the fine tip dotter. (Optional)
Step 8- Dot some glitter polish over your centre circles using the medium dotter.
Step 9- Add your desired top coat when dry.
Your done!

Hope you like my first flowers, I was nervous to try using brushes so I used my dotters and it was pretty easy. I'd like to try some acrylic paints sometime as well with brushes as you can always wipe your mistake away with those!

Enjoy! x

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